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  1. HAUTE FIDELITE 2006 à Paris
  3. Le Salon High End 2006 Munich
  4. Här kommer en länk på Le Salon Hifi Home Cinema 2006
  5. fideljr

    Audiotrades på HighEnd 07

    Kan det vara dessa högtalare :cool: Bildlänk Fina bilder men alldeles för stora så det får bli länkar. //Timbre
  6. fideljr

    Jorma i akustiktagen.

    Dynamic Audio 555 Tokyo
  7. Hoppas det okey Robert att lägger ut mer info som man kan läsa om detta. Den mesta info är från Korea ?? Allnic Absorb-GEL Allnic Absorb-GEL Sen finns detta att läsa men det är på holländska och det kan jag inte så .......... Allnic Absorb Gel
  8. NEWS FROM WALKER AUDIO 1. PFO 2005 Brutus and Gizmo Awards Announced Walker Audio has received numerous Brutus Awards from Positive Feedback Online (PFO) and for an unprecedented second year in a row, Lloyd Walker and Fred Law, partners in Walker Audio, have been selected to receive the Gizmo Award. Brutus Awards.... are an annual recognition of products the editors and staff of PFO consider to be “the best and the brightest”. This year in addition to a number of individual products receiving awards, PFO has created a collective Brutus Award for the Proscenium Gold Signature Turntable System. This, according to PFO Editor-in-chief David W. Robinson, honors the synergy, as well as the individual updates. Products receiving awards, either individually or as part of the system, are: · Proscenium Gold Signature Turntable System “ tandem with the rest of the Walker Audio Proscenium system, this is the finest LP playback I’ve known.” · Walker Reference Phono Amp – Second Edition “Better than it was before – quieter, even more detail, and better dynamics...the best phono amp that I can ever remember hearing...” · Walker Ultimate Motor Controller “...adds a clarity and “blackness” to the Proscenium playback that it did not have before...” · Velocitor Power Line Enhancer “...What transparency! What quickness! What delicacy!...the best line conditioner that I’ve heard.” · Walker Prologue Rack and Amp Stands “...impart a sense of tight, clean, quick response... I wouldn’t want to listen ...without these stands...” · Valid Points Resonance Control Kit “...indispensable.” · Extreme SST – Super Silver Treatment Contact Enhancer “...if you haven’t tried (it), you don’t know what your CURRENT system can do. Don’t upgrade components until you try this product first – it’s that good.” · Reference High Definition Links “...rendering more detail in higher frequencies and making the enhanced resolution smoother at the same time....Spooky good...” · Ultra Vivid Picture and Sound Enhancer “...I haven’t found an SACD or DVD that hasn’t been improved by applying Ultra Vivid...the best optical enhancer that I’ve found so far.” Gizmo Award The PFO Gizmo Award recognizes a person or design that goes all out to push the frontiers of fine audio. For an unprecedented second year in a row, the Gizmo has been awarded to Walker Audio partners Lloyd Walker and Fred Law. Says David W. Robinson, Editor-in-Chief of Positive Feedback Online, “Walker Audio has spent most of the past two years messing with my mind and hearing – to my great benefit, I should add mightily impressing me with the creativity and excellence of its products, tweakery, modifications and constant audio/video innovations...keep the brilliant work coming!” As for giving the award to the same person twice, David says: “Lloyd and Fred were so active and productive with their updates and improvements that I finally concluded it made no sense to give the Gizmo to someone else, just because they were someone else. Lloyd and Fred earned the Gizmo, so I broke with convention and gave it to them two years in a row.” Walker Audio expresses its sincere thanks to David and all the staff at Positive Feedback Online. To see the complete article, go to 2. The Absolute Sound 2005 Editor’s Choice Awards Selected by writers and editors to be the “best of the best”. Each of these products has won an Editor’s Choice Award for a second year in a row. Walker Audio is proud to been selected for these honors and thanks Jonathan Valin and everyone at TAS. · Proscenium Gold Signature Turntable “...a contemporary work of art that not only sounds fantastic but looks fantastic too...a snap to adjust and use, the Walker brings out the best in any LP....The best source component JV has heard – and the most reliable. In four years of daily play, the Walker has had exactly zero problems. None, nada, zip. All is does is make music.” · Prologue Equipment Rack “beautifully made...the Walker rack kills vibration without killing the life of the music.” · Velocitor Power Line Enhancer “does undeniably lovely things for the sound of preamps, turntables, and digital sources that are plugged into its magic without masking musicality” · Valid Points Resonance Control System “...sensationally effective...” 3. New Products ULTRA VIVID - the next step in improving the playback of DVDs, SACDs and CDs. We started with our very popular Vivid and set out to discover if we could improve the picture quality of DVDs even more. The result is significantly improved picture quality of DVDs and better sound quality of DVDs, SACDs and CDs. Application Tip: Apply Ultra Vivid to the outside edge of the disc for a very nice improvement. See Ultra Vivid page for more details. "The new Ultra Vivid, Walker’s SACD/DVD/CD enhancer, is simply the best thing that I’ve found in many years of trying various digital surface treatments; I’ve gotten to the point of not playing an SA or watching a DVD without applying Ultra Vivid. Other products may be good, but Ultra Vivid rules the roost." Pre-print comments from David W. Robinson Editor-in-Chief Positive Feedback Online "This is one of the most incredible breakthroughs in the fields of high end audio and video I've experienced..." Customer Email Reference High Definition Links The desire for continuous improvement and unbridled curiosity has led us to the next generation of HDLs. With the discovery of a new silver capacitor (which is modified to our specifications) and using special parts developed for our Reference Phono Amplifier, we've created the new Reference HDLs. They are fully shielded; all wiring and spades are ultra-pure silver. The Reference HDLS are subjected to a slow-immersion cryogenic treatment and then matched to .05 percent pairs. The results are absolute phenomenal. You will never know what your system can sound like until you try them. 4. Rocky Mountain Audio Fest For the first time, Walker Audio exhibited at the RMAF held in Denver, teaming up with Red Rock Audio, Verity Audio and Silent Source Cables. We introduced the new Walker Line Stage with good results. Click on the link below to see what David W. Robinson of PFO had to say about our room and newest component. Here is an excerpt: "The sound in the room was great and got better as the show went on. I would pick the Walker (room) as the best turntable-based sound of the show, bar none. I went back time and again, whenever I needed a breath of fresh air!" 5. A Few, Simple Steps Create Major Improvements There are a lot of things you can do to your system to make major improvements in your audio/video enjoyment. And, you can do them for a relatively low expenditure. A. First, the new Ultra Vivid is an absolute must. Whether you have used the original Vivid or other products, you owe it to yourself to try Ultra Vivid. “...After applying it to a CD of a recording I made of myself and several other musician friends, they threw their copies away and demanded that I burn them new ones because in their view, I had gone back and re-mastered the original recording to have made my copy sound so much better than theirs! They simply couldn’t believe that such a huge improvement in fidelity could have been achieved through the application of some sort of cleaner...I also have an extensive library of movies on DVD and I can’t tell you how much better they look and sound. Congratulations. This is one of the most incredible breakthroughs in the fields of high end audio and video I’ve experienced...” Customer Email B. The second product that will amaze you is Extreme SST (E-SST). “...after logging an additional five hours of listening to the SST Extreme, I have to say that I am simply blown away by the results. Somewhere around the 6th total burn-in hour, it was like the sound went into warp drive...beam me aboard Scotty...the difference is not subtle, digital sounds like analog in my system... Soundstage went wall to wall and beyond, the rear concert hall is just not there, you can tell the color of the paint. Space between the instruments are now much more defined and shockingly black background to die for. Before the treatment, my digital playback displayed a slight graininess and ‘digital” edge which has now been totally eliminated. Believe me, I never expected this level of improvement...Once you have heard the improvement in your system, you will feel foolish for not doing it sooner...” Customer Email C. The next step would be our High Definition Links for your speakers. A simple installion will result in a huge improvement in sound. The HDLs MkII version is very good. The new Reference HDLs are incredibly good. You won’t believe your speakers can sound so good! D. Vibrations interfere with the signal in any electronics system. Valid Points Resonance Control System kits give back the leading edge transients, focus and impact of the music and picture. Get improved dynamics, transparency and more musical enjoyment. E. The Velocitor Power Line Enhancer/Conditioner ...this is the biggest improvement. The soundstage and dynamics will open up and take on a realistic presentation that is startling. With video, the picture will improve with better color, focus and depth. Of these suggestions for improvement, the Velocitor is the most expensive, but it is well worth it. And, like all the others, comes with a 30-day Guarantee of Satisfaction, so you have nothing to lose. If you have questions about any of these or other products, contact one of our dealers or call us at 610-666-6087. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have. 6. Demo Equipment For Sale From time to time, we offer demo equipment for sale. If you haven’t checked out our Special Deals page on our web site lately, you might want to do so. Currently we have a variety of Silent Source cables available, as well as an Omega Mikro A-7 LCX RCA interconnect. We have also dropped the price on Lloyd’s Kharma Ceramique Reference Monitor Speakers CRM 3.2F to $13,995. This is a great deal for the right person. We at Walker Audio are thankful for the enthusiastic support of our customers and the many positive reviews and awards we’ve received from the industry’s top writers and editors. We are dedicated to achieving superior audio and video playback and feel strongly that our accessories are important to getting the optimal performance from your system. Truly, you cannot imagine the impact these products can have until you try them for yourself. We believe attention to detail makes the difference between a good system and a great system. The results are worth a little extra time and effort. You will be delighted with results that you never thought possible to achieve with your system. Remember, the magic is in the details. Thank you and please let us know if we can help you in any way. Your Friends At Walker Audio, Lloyd and Felicia Walker Fred Law NOTE: You have received this email because you have indicated via our web site that you are interested in receiving information from Walker Audio from time to time. If you wish to be removed from our email list, please let us know. Thank you. WALKER AUDIO 610-666-6087
  9. En av den roligaste reklamfilmer jag har sett för en Hifi mässa Skulle inte detta vara något för er som fixar hifi mässor i Sverige My Webpage Grejerna som är med filmen är ifrån 47 Labs
  10. fideljr


    Undrar om det är någon som känner igen kablarna som är kopplade ihop med Vitus stegen. Är det en kopia av Jormas ? Någon som vet ??
  11. fideljr

    HiFi-resan sommaren 2005

    Ayon rörsteg tillverkas av Mastersound men säljer dem under sitt egna namn Mastersound
  12. fideljr

    HiFi-resan sommaren 2005

    Rörsteg från Mastersound Italiensk tillverkare Mastersounds
  13. fideljr

    Flygande holländaren har landat.

    Kommentar angående Kharma 3 serien så finns följande modeller 3.1 3.2F 3.2Fe 3.2D 3.2De Om jag minns rätt Vid olika demos så föredrag många (jag också) när man har jämtfört 3.2Fe med Exquisite Midi. vinner är 3.2Fe av dessa två.
  14. fideljr

    Flygande holländaren har landat.

    De som visas på bilden är CRM 3.2 F(F=Focal som moddas av Kharma) kanske Fe som innebär att man har enigma kabel inne i högtalaren
  15. Ni som vill se lite bilder på mässor och läckra produkter ska besöka Audiofederation websida för detta Audiofederation present Hifiing