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  1. https://www.hifisentralen.no/forumet/threads/hifi-messen-2022.105313/#post-3649143 mvh
  2. Nya albumet "autofiction" släpptes innan helgen mvh
  3. Har inte sett den på vinyl, men han ger ju ut lite nytt kuriosa från katalogen sin, så möjligen dyker den upp nån dag! får man hoppas mvh
  4. Svindyr på cd, men måste man så måste man, David Sylvian er en av dom största för mig David Sylvian " There´s a light that enters houses with no other house in sight" mvh
  5. David Sylvian "There's light that enters houses with no other houses in sight" mvh
  6. ENVY OF NONE IS THE NEW BAND & DEBUT ALBUM FROM ALEX LIFESON (RUSH), ANDY CURRAN (CONEY HATCH), ALFIO ANNIBALINI & SINGER MAIAH WYNNE The ambient, cinematic darkness that the collective creates evokes a powerful atmosphere that will excite superfans & new audiences alike. Lifeson & Curran's long-time friendship was the catalyst for the band's inception - but Envy Of None is not defined by its members resumes - they aren't Rush or Coney Hatch & far more than the sum of its collective parts. Above the beautiful cacophony of guitars, synths, bass & drums sits the fragile melodies of 24-year old vocalist Maiah Wynne - the newest name in Envy Of None's impressive personnel. Hearing Mariah's voice intertwined with the music will bring back memories of when you heard Shirley Manson of Garbage or Amy Lee of Evanescence for the first time. Wynne brings charm & beauty to these recordings in spades - with floating hooks & emotive lyrics transcending the oftentimes textural aesthetic. The Storm Thorgerson-esque visuals that grace the cover may remind fans of Lifeson's earlier work - Andy Curran explains: "[the] Hypnosis style artwork of albums like Pink Floyd & Led Zeppelin & others were so eye catching, surreal & attention grabbing & we wanted to scratch that itch. We were instantly drawn to Lebanese photographer Eli Rezkallah at Plastik's photography & design work. We fell in love with a bunch of his work - we had a hard time choosing something because he had so many great images". However, the 70s prog/Rush comparisons may end with the artwork - the music that this ensemble creates treads new ground with each track throughout their 42-minute debut, from industrial/electronic influences to post-progressive soundscapes. Envy Of None create a sound that will haunt, comfort & ignite. "If you can picture maybe Massive Attack with a little bit of some electronic stuff with Nine Inch Nails influences, with this beautiful, fragile, sweet voice & some very, very dark heavy sounds" - Andy Curran (Envy Of None) mvh
  7. Har fått upp öronen för John Moreland igen!!
  8. John Moreland "Birds in the ceiling".... mvh
  9. Exorcising Ghosts (1984) is a 2LP career spanning compilation produced in consultation with David Sylvian (two years after after the demise of Japan). Half Speed Mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios, the LPs are housed in a gatefold sleeve with printed inner bags. Contains an Abbey Road Half Speed Master Certificate and Obi strip.
  10. Porcupine Tree "Coma coda" A limited one-off pressing on 180g opaque red vinyl of additional tracks from Porcupine Tree's live recordings at the Frontiera Club, Rome in March 1997. When Porcupine Tree made their first official live album, they decided to record their 3 night stand at Rome's Frontiera club in order to capture as much repertoire as possible. The original live album was almost entirely drawn from the third and final night, but this new selection of material comes from the second night. As well as alternate versions of Signify, Dislocated Day (incomplete but fun because of an impromptu drum solo!), and Radioactive Toy, this selection includes several songs that were not chosen to be on Coma Divine. Most notable among these is an unreleased group composition Cryogenics that was prepared especially for the concert recording, but didn't make the cut and was subsequently never played again by the band. Note that the original Coma Divine album was subject to a fair amount of repairs and overdubs to bring it up to a high audio standard. These new selections are exactly as recorded on the night so there are some technical and performance shortcomings which we hope won't spoil your listening enjoyment! Mastered for vinyl by Steven Wilson in 2021 and comes with new artwork by Carl Glover. mvh
  11. Lite ljummen till det her når det kom, det tar sig till det bättre...svalkande och njutbart i solen mvh
  12. Hentet hos Rämjes idag, svinger som attan mvh
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