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Hifi in the Axes of Evil!

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Här kommer en utförlig beskrivning av produkter som en kund i Iran har provat! Rätt kul att se att även de är människor och inte bara monster. För där det finns hifi så finns det hopp! :-)

The first time I was introduced to Acoustic Revive products dates back to the first time

I paid a visit to Avin Ava Studio. At the time, I did not have slightest clue about the

importance of application of these products. A few months later, due to curiosity, the

first set of Acoustic Revive entered my home studio: RD-3. Before using this device, I

would never believe that analog phenomena such as compilation of electromagnetic

charges on the surface of the disks would have such strong effect on a digital quanta.

However, after using RD-3 with a few disks, I had no choice but to change my view.

My old music disks were revived. The effect was much greater than what I would have

ever expected. It was as if this device had removed a layer rust from the audio disks,

resulting in much more natural and clear sounds. Thus began was my journey with

Acoustic Revive. Ever since my first experience with RD-3, it has become a guilty

pleasure of mine to test the disks before and after reviving them with this device.

With use of RD-3, I became more curious about Acoustic Revive and their other

products. Hence, I made a second selection and through Avin Ava Studio, the official

distributor of Acoustic Revive in Iran, I had the chance to test the device. Considering

that Avin Ava is located in a different city than my hometown, I was given the

exceptional chance to have the products delivered to me in order to test them before

having to purchase them. With this easement, I had more liberty in exploring different

Acoustic Revive products.

My second selection was the RCG-24, since in my acoustic room I did not have any

adequate ort system. Therefore, by connecting RCG-24 to my disk player, I was able to

considerably reduce the amount of systematic induced noises and clarity returned to my

sound. Hence, I never had to even think about returning my RCG-24 device.

“Everything in life is a vibration” – Albert Einstein

My next two purchases from Acoustic Revive revolutionized my home studio. When I

initially ordered RQ 5010 I was more than certain that it wouldn’t offer much to my

systems. Even after the first few days of using it I was growing more into this belief.

However, after several hours of testing, I started to notice the deep and immense effect

of this exceptional device. I tested these insulators on different parts of my sound

systems: the amplifier, the power source and under the disk player. Though, at the end I

used them as four cushions under my amplifier. The fact is that these changes become

detectable only if during selecting the main elements, placement of the devices and

acoustic settings of the room have been carefully engineered. At this point, a sensitive

trained ear detects the differences and starts to enjoy them. If it were not for the high

price of these quartz pieces, I certainly would have also used them for my disk player as

well as the speakers. These extraordinary pieces, taken from the heart of the nature,

eliminate resonances that are usually undetectable for our ears. However, they have an

immense effect on the sound quality; they purify the sound to produce the most natural

and clearest sound qualities, as well as a uniquely soft and alive midrange sound image.

Due to design specifications of ASR Emitter I Exclusive amplifier and after doing some

tests and consulting with audio experts in Avin Ava Studio, I came to realization that

the best place for these insulators was underneath the Emitter amplifier to be used as


Detecting the effect of these changes, such as change of the cable, it’s not realizable

immediately to put through tests such as A- B test. Mainly since these changes are not

measurable but mostly intuitive and tentative, it requires well-trained and experienced

ears to recognize them, as well as dedication of a long time to thoroughly observe the

effect of each change.

And the final bombshell was when I added the RR-77 Schumann Frequency Resonator

to this set. We all have read lots of articles about Schumann Frequency and it’s effect in

the nature. However, Acoustic Revive’s view of High End sound, with inspiration from

nature, has turned the Schumann effect into magic for professional audio systems. This

simple but well thought-out product, by means of emitting a 7.83 Hz frequency in

surroundings, eliminates all interfering emissions and brings an indescribable

tranquility to the listening room, and produces a brilliant natural image in to the records.

One important fact to remember is the effect Schumann Frequency on human body.

These resonances refine biological and neurological activities of the body, or as

Schumann puts it, these resonances “bring fulfilling joy”. Therefore, not only has the

presence of RR-77 changed my listening experience, but also increased my level of

concentration and perception.

And last but not least, USB Interconnect was the last Acoustic Revive product that I

purchased. This device, along with the amazing Shanling DAC-50 converter, has

greatly improved my troubles with records in MP3 and Flac formats playing from my

computer. By separating the power and signal of the USB port with a great isolation,

this interconnect increases the clarity and musical sense of the digital records on my


Overall, I can strongly state that Acoustic Revive has changed my auditory view and

preference, as well as spectacular changes that it offered to my home studio. The effects

of these changes have been so immense that I don’t believe I can ever oversee the

importance of these products on sounds systems.


Installation 1:

Amplifier: ASR Emitter I Exclusive B Version Blue (2008)

Power Supply x 1

Battery Power Supply x1

Speaker: Manger Swing + Manger SubSonic Subwoofer (Ebony)

CD Player: Raysonic CD-228 + Power Supply (Black)

Converter: Shanling DAC-50 + DELL Tablet

Cabling: HiDiamond Reference power+1

HiDiamond Ultimate Signal Cable (RCA)

HiDiamond XLR Reference+ Interconnect Cables

HiDiamond X1 Exteremo Power Multi Plug

Accessories: Acoustic Revive RD-3 CD Demagnetizer

Acoustic Revive RGC-24 Virtual Earth Filter

Acoustic Revive RR-77 Schumann resonator

Acoustic Revive RIQ-5010 Quartz

Oyaide MTS-6e Power Distributor +Tunami Cable

Oyaide Base Insulator + Carbon 8pcs

Headphone: AKG K-702

Shanling PH-300 Headphone Preamp


Source : Shanling MC-50 Music Center

Amplifier : Raysonic Vacuum Tube Monoblock Power Amplifier M100

Speaker :Manger Zero box 107


Hidiamond POWER +1 speaker cable

Oyaide Tunami Power cables

Hidiamond multi plug power distributer

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