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Primare SP31, DVD30 och Fjärr Primare C32 (SÅLT)

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Exemplariskt skick, med manual och

originalkartonger. Skickar med bussgods!

'For an awe-inspiring 5.1-channel surround-sound

setup and a gorgeous stereo experience the SP31 /

DVD 30 combo is hard to beat' (Home Entertainment


'The SP31’s core sonic signature was very

audiophile-esque: refined, transparent and

texture' (Home Theater magazine)

- ‘Overall the DVD30 is a great universal player.

It combines fantastic video performance with

scintillating audio playback, and we haven’t even

mentioned the build quality, which is

outstanding’ (Digital Home Editor’s Choice)

- ‘The result is a machine that demonstrates

startling fidelity with any of the shiny disc

formats you might throw at it. It is a home

cinema heavyweight in every possible respect'

(Home Cinema)

- Hi-Fi Choice Magazine Editors Choice - ‘The

Primare’s sound has a natural grace and warmth,

but when called for it can deliver a cutting edge

to its performance'

'The two channel sound coming from a run-of-the-

mill CD is exquisite. Stereo performance from

DVD-A and SACD is so good it almost hurts' (Home








Pris: 15000:- för allt, plus frakt.


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