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SNELL Reference Type A

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Snell Reference Type A i valnöt med orginalkartonger, nyoljade, omkonade basar (ej inspelade)

Lite toalektyr saxat från StereoPhile By Larry Greenhill • Posted: Jun 8, 2009:


The Snell Type A loudspeaker system is very expensive. At this price level, the dealer should be prepared to provide loaners, so the best match of electronics for the room can be chosen at leisure.

All the real-world factors—the Type A's expense, its multiple shipping cartons, and having to plug in six interconnect cables and tighten 32 speaker connections—were forgotten when it began to play music. Without a doubt, the Snell Type A Reference System is the finest loudspeaker system I've heard in my listening room. It maintains the traditional Type A strengths, providing extended, THX-level bass response from its stereo SUB 1800 subwoofers that couple with room boundaries for added power. The rest of the frequency range has been vastly improved; the midrange is now blessed with a transparency I'd formerly only heard from electrostatic loudspeakers. Depth of soundstaging, missing from former Type As, is now world-class. Kevin Voecks has done a masterful job bringing the Type A up to the standards of today's top loudspeaker systems. The new Type A Reference's sound—deep, powerful bass extending to well below 20Hz, ultra transparent midrange and highs, excellent soundstaging, and majestic sonic perspective—merits a Class A recommendation in Stereophile's "Recommended Components."

Scrolla ner för att se bilder: SNELL Reference Type A

Pris: 40 0000kr

Pass på, 5 par i Sverige!

Köparen står för ev frakt eller avhämtas i centrala Göteborg.


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Systemet är fördelat på 7 delar:

Bas: 2 x 18" tums baslådor som kryper närmare 12Hz utan konstigheter.

Mellanbas/Mellanregister/Diskant: 2 x 180cm höga torn med triwiring samt diskant på baksidan som går att stänga av.

Filter: 2 x separata filter med samma design som fronttornen = sexigt.

Filter nr 2 (bas): Aktivt filter för subbarna.

300Kg +

För lite spännande bild (ej min) på samma högtalare fast x 6uppsättningar =) SNELL Reference Type A

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