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KingRex PREference försteg

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KingRex PREference försteg med phonomodul och extern nätdel.


Demoex i originalförpackning. Perfekt i nyskick!

listpris 16000:- ... Vår(t) pris 9995:-


Inputs: RCA*4

Outputs: RCA*1

Gain: 7dB,14dB,20dB Selectable

Frequency Response Range:



Maxium Input Level:9Vrms(@0dB)

Maxium Output Level: 9Vrms

THD+Noise: <0.0005% @1KHz

Input Sensitivity:

1.1V For 2.5V Out@7dB Gain

510mV For 2.5V Out@14dB Gain

250mV For 2.5V Out@20dB Gain

Signal to Noise Ratio:126dB

Channel Separation:


Power Consumption:<10W


Signal to Noise Ratio: 112dB(MM-Low gain), 104dB (MC-Low gain)

THD+N Ratio = 0.0006%(MM-LOW Gain)  0.01%(MC-LOW Gain)

Crosstalk (at 1kHZ): -94dB (MM-Low gain), -79 dB(MC-Low gain)

Crosstalk (at 10kHz):-100dB (MM-Low gain), -86dB(MC-Low gain)

Gain (at 1kHz): 24dB(MM-Low gain), 43 dB(MC-Low gain), High gain=+20dB

Max Input Level: 19mV(MM), 6.6 mV(MC), (High-gain)

218mV(MM),72mV (MC),(Low-gain)

Output Impedance: <100 Ohms

Input Impedance : 100Ohms, 220 Ohms, 47kOhms, switchable

Input Capacitance: 0 P, 100P, switchable.


Transient Design

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