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Quad 2805 säljes


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Quad 2805 Säljes

Ett par fina , lite använda Quad 2805 Säljes pga platsbrist.

The clarity of mid-range for which the Quads are most famed is fully in evidence, as is the sparkling detail and transparency that has long been the hallmark of this series. Their response characteristics are virtually identical and a base weight of 34.8kg together with the rigid bracing, ensures they are suitably deep in bass and dynamic enough to fill all but the largest of listening rooms. For the Quad aficionado without the need or desire for the additional bass extension of the larger model this, the smaller of the ESLs is still regarded as the pinnacle of electrostatic refinement.

Allt Orginal Embalage och all utrustning finns kvar. Frakt betalas av köparen.

Ungefär 2 år gamla och i nyskick. Pris i affären ligger på ca 80 000 kr. Mitt pris 35 000 kr. Kan diskuteras vi snabb affär.

Pmà elller maila mig på Holmqvist.peter@gmail.com vid intresse.


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