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Blue Coast Collection: The E.S.E. Sessions

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Jo, jag är en känslomänniska och kan ibland ta i lite väl när jag kommer igång. Men jag har fått förmånen att erbjuda en CD-inspelning som är ojämförlig med allt tidigare. Den kan uppfattas som för dyr, men anledningen är att jag vill höja den här lite ovanför det mesta. så här kan man läsa om The Blue Coast records utgåva:



..Finally, I gave the MP1 a run with a remarkable new demonstration disc, Blue Coast Collection: The E.S.E. Sessions (SACD, Blue Coast BCRSA 1012a). Clearly intended to show off the talents of the recording engineers-producers, Cookie Marenco and Jean-Claude Reynaud, The E.S.E. Sessions is a spectacularly natural presentation of acoustic instruments and voices in a rich, defining ambience that envelops the listener. Via the MP1, the Levinson No.433 amp, and my B&W loudspeakers, I felt transported to some unknown but very comfortable space in which I sat 6–10' from an array of talented musicians, each of whom seemed to want to communicate with me. The folky language most of them spoke is not my usual dialect, but it was impossible not to be engaged when the message was so immediate and personal. And don't miss the last track, which features Glen Moore's bowed double bass and a curious whisper.

Stereophile newsletter

Excerpt from Road Trippin' by Wes Phillips

..Whoa! Keith Greenberg began playing guitar and Dayan Kai chimed in on dobro, and they were right there, big as life and all but visible. Then Greenberg started singing, and I was so there, wherever there was. (Turns out there was Cookie Marenco's Extended Sound Environment; you can get the record at bluecoastrecords.com.) I'd been resisting this? What am I, crazy?...

La Nouvelle Revue de Son

Blue Coast Collection Review

The first shot is a master shot for this new American label that is about to create a sensation. Some demanding artists have refused all recordings to remain true to the emotion of live music, this fugitive, magical instant that we can only catch once in a lifetime. On this level, Blue Coast Records has something new to present that is really surprising. Cookie Marenco, the founder, many times rewarded with the very coveted "Grammy" award, successfully gathered a great team of sound engineers, including the very talented Jean-Claude Reynaud (son of the speaker manufacturer Jean-Marie Reynaud).

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