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Audio Excitement erbjuder Trends Audio TA-10.1

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En liten, liten förstärkare som förvånar. Så här skriver recensenten Roger Kanno för Good Sound:

"After listening to the TA-10.1 in my office system for a few days and being suitably impressed, I brought it home and set it up with the same Athena AS-B1 speakers, this time with the overachieving DV-970HD DVD-Audio/SACD player from Oppo Digital. I also used some of my favorite real-world wire: Audio Magic Xstream interconnects, Analysis Plus Clear Oval speaker cables, and Shunyata Research Venom AC cords. Each of these cables costs almost as much as or more than the TA-10.1 itself.

What I’d heard at the office was further reinforced in my main listening room. For such a diminutive amp, the TA-10.1 had a surprisingly big, bold sound, throwing up a huge soundstage that made me think I was listening to a much more powerful, much more expensive amplifier. Sure, it couldn’t play incredibly loud, but at normal listening levels it was an absolute joy to listen to. Neil Young’s latest, Live at Massey Hall [CD, Reprise 093624332725], is a bleak but beautifully intimate recording. The 24-bit/96kHz two-channel PCM track on the Special Edition CD sounded especially good. The gentle piano playing that accompanies Young’s hushed singing on "Heart of Gold" flowed smoothly and naturally. At times the pitches Young sings are almost inaudible, but the TA-10.1 conveyed all of the feeling in his voice, which is often barely above a whisper. On "Old Man," Young sounded more piercing but never harsh, and the powerful sound of his piano on "See the Sky About to Rain" was handled with ease by the TA-10.1."


"..I can’t think of another audio component I’ve had more fun with in recent years than the Trends Audio TA-10.1. It provided me with more than just a taste of the high end, and at a ridiculously low price. If you can live with its single input and relatively low output of 15Wpc, you’ll be rewarded with a quality of sound that isn’t just good for the price, it’s just plain good, period. I’ll keep the TA-10.1 in my family room, where I’ll use it for more than just watching TV or background music. Now that I have this little gem of an amp, I plan to listen to much more music away from my main system."

Roger Kanno


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