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***INACTIVATED***Referenskablar för bra pris: Analysis Plus Oval Eight, AP Silver Oval, AP Oval One

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A rare opportunity to purchase:

- Three-meter stereo pair of single-wire Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8 loudspeaker cables, with highest-quality factory-installed locking WBT bananas (model 644) on amp end and high-quality gold-plated AP T1 spades (machined from one block) on speaker end;

- Three-meter stereo pair of single-wire Analysis Plus Silver Oval loudspeaker cables, with high-quality gold-plated AP T1 spades (machined from one block) on both ends;

- 210-centimeter stereo pair of Analysis Plus Oval One interconnect cables with solderless RCA connectors;

- 60-centimeter stereo pair of van den Hul The First Ultimate interconnect cables with vdH's own high-quality RCA connectors.**SÅLD**

All cables have been well cared for in a pet-, smoke-, (vacuum cleaner-wielding) spouse-, and child-free household. The spades of the AP Oval 8s and the AP Silver Ovals show light signs of normal use (marks from terminal locking mechanism). The AP Oval One is like new, used just for a couple of days, still with the original packaging.

I am only selling these cables as I recently switched over to active monitor speakers that require balanced interconnects (and need no speaker cords).

I have very successfully used the AP Oval 8s and Silver Ovals in a shotgun biwire configuration (Silver Ovals for HF, Oval 8s with their remarkable bass extension for LF), and the AP Oval One as a subwoofer cable. The termination of these cables is very favorable for this use (can be conveniently and with no sonic compromise attached to just 2 x 1 cable posts on the amp end). As you probably already know, these are reference-quality speaker cables original-designed and manufactured (not just repackaged, as is becoming the standard...) by a premier U.S. precision electrical-engineering company originally known for its work in advanced application contexts such as for NASA. Analysis Plus means no gimmicks, snake oil, prestige parts, vanity designs, or anything else that's not exclusively based on pure science and ingenious American engineering skills. In a word, they are highest-quality audio cables for a price that's extremely reasonable and immune to fashion and passing fad; what you get is 100% top quality and 0% nonsense. The Oval 8 and Silver Oval speaker cables frequently feature in the reference systems of audio and music reviewers for the more critical American, Asian, and European press and are used in recording and broadcasting studios the world over. They are favorites of numerous professional musicians beginning with Neil Young's touring band. I have yet to hear cables that in any way audibly improve over them, and for this money there certainly aren't any such available.

More information on these cable models and the AP engineering science & philosophy is available at the Analysis Plus home pages . You can find many reviews for example in Stereo Times archives or in SoundStage (by Marc Mickelson), though you probably already know the reputation of these cables only rarely appearing on the European second-hand markets.

My asking price is 40 % of the price when new (from Audio Concept Stockholm), as follows::

  • * AP Oval 8: new price 14 500 kronor; my asking price is 5 800 kronor.

  • * AP Silver Oval: new price 8 700 kronor; my asking price is 3 480 kronor.

  • * AP Oval One: new price 1 500 kronor; my asking price is 600 kronor.

(I will also consider any other reasonable offers.)

This could be your chance of a lifetime to become an Analysis Plus user.

Please write me for photos or further details. Det går förstås bra att skriva på svenska. The cables are in Göteborg, and if local pickup is not an option, buyer pays all shipping and insurance charges.

Thanks for looking!

Polarius T

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