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Vertere firar snart nyår med bubbel, pompa och ståt.


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Nu när året summeras så är det fest i nordvästra London. Pink Floyd, The Beatles och Sade ekar över hustaken. För sällan har Vertere fått så fina lovord i pressen som i år.



Först ut är the ear.





Vertere MG1 MkII, Imperium, Mystic & Phono1 MkII record player

"2023 saw the third visit of the excellent Vertere MG1 to my system, but this time with significant upgrade in the shape of the Imperium motor drive unit and the Phono1 MkII phono stage set up to get the best out of Vertere’s own Mystic moving coil cartridge. The only word to describe to the sound from this record player is epic. In this instance it makes perfect sense to entrust the whole business of extracting the maximum amount of musical information from one’s precious vinyl to Vertere founder Touraj Moggadham’s extraordinary skill as an audio system designer. This is a phenomenal vinyl replay system." 






Sen Positive Feedback





Vertere Acoustics DG-1S 

image.thumb.jpeg.2d7c55eaa5282a6e9ab841b3bf4ac68c.jpeg"The Vertere Acoustics DG-1 (Dynamic Groove) is a plug-and-play turntable system that costs just $3,995 USD complete with arm, DFi cable, and cartridge. It’s one of the rare high-performance turntables that can be up and running in a few minutes after the box is opened. The complexity of the design and build in the DG-1S is second to none in this price category and, most importantly, shares technology with everything Vertere has done upstream."




Vertere Acoustics MG-1


"This Touraj Moghaddam (founder of Vertere Acoustics) design has a multi-level acrylic plinth but still provided a more focused, deeper connection to the music in the spirit of some higher-mass turntables. “Along with its dead quiet rendering of vinyl, it brought a great certainty and ease to anything [we] played,” we concluded. Winner of the Reviewer’s Choice Award."


Vertere Acoustics Phono-1 Mk. II



"Used in an all-Vertere Acoustics analog rig (Mystic cartridge, SG-1 tonearm and MG-1 turntable), the affordable Phono-1 was “extraordinary for the price…any price.” This modest unit excelled at “subtle, slight dynamic contrasts, tonal shadings, and imaging effects” and we always enjoyed a satisfying level of detail with all of our favorite recordings."




Vertere Acoustics Mystic 





"This British cartridge from the mind of Touraj Moghaddam measures razor flat, and offers a completely balanced sound which includes “an articulate and detailed top end, with mids that were clear and rich without conspicuous coloration and bass that was tight and linear without feeling dry or overdamped.”


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Best high-end turntable


Vertere DG-1Sabre

Not steeped in nostalgia like many vinyl spinners, Vertere’s Sabre package is how a turnable should look and perform in 2023. It’s loaded with modern materials and innovation to show why vinyl’s enduring appeal is still thriving in high-end audio.

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