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Playback Designs - MPS5 SACD / DAC


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MPS-5 SACD / CD Player - vores demo med seneste opdaterede software, som ny, inkl. original emballage, fjernbetjening og USB-X box med tilhørende kabel.

Last retail price: 180.000 DKK, now 95.000 DKK
Verdens fineste SACD spiller med en schweizer kniv af en DAC.

Afspiller alt fra mp3 til 6,1 MHz digital filer.

Udviklet af den førende udvikler af digitalt medie Andres Koch.


Læs mere på vores hjemmeside: https://highend-sound.com/produkter/playback-designs-hi-end-digital-dac-afspiller/5-serie/mps-5-sacd-dac/ 


Analog outputs:

XLR: balanced, 4Vrms @ 1kHz full level, pin 2 Hot
RCA: unbalanced, 2Vrms @ 1kHz full level
BNC: unbalanced, 50Ohms, 2Vrms @ 1kHz full level
Digital outputs:

XLR: AES/EBU formatted for stereo linear PCM data. 
If playing from disc the data on this output will be 16bits / 44.1kHz.)
If playing from a digital input the data on this output will be up to 24bits and up to 192kHz.
Data / Clock:

For future expansion.
Digital inputs:

AES: XLR connector for AES/EBU formatted stereo linear PCM data, up to 24bits and up to 192kHz.
S/PDIF: same as AES, but S/PDIF formatted on RCA connector.
TOSLINK: same as S/PDIF, but on optical connector.
PLAYLINK: Proprietary links to future Playback Designs equipment.
PC: External USB-X connection to computers for sample rates up to 384kHz (PCM) and 6.1MHz (DSD)


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