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Auralic Aries G2 - Den nya streamingreferensen

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Auralic har på några år vuxit fram som en av de starkaste namnen då det gäller streaming. Det är idel lovord bland recensenter och kunder och nu tar Auralic nästa steg in i den absoluta highendsfären med sin nya G2 serie. Fantastiska apparater urfrästa ur ett stycke aluminium, fötter som avkopplar från externa vibrationer, Tesla plattform med dubbla Femtoklockor för minimalt jitter,  stort systemminne, möjlighet montera en 2.5" hårddisk i den för lagring av musik och givetvis Roon ready. Om du söker en streamer som kan mäta sig med det absolut bästa på marknaden måste du ta en titt på Auralic.  Givetvis har den på demo i butiken.


"As it stands, the Aries G2 is getting our music out into the room in a way that far surpasses what the older Aries did and in a way that for anyone who has sat here and listened… is way fun. Engagingly fun and not in a way that is audiophiley clichéd—no our system does not present the music with a sound that could be described as being proverbially audiophile—hyped and artificially musical. My Highest Recommendation and for me, clearly a reference." Positive Feedback 2018


"The ARIES G2 is a compelling product that can proudly serve as the center of a modern high-fidelity streaming music system. Its streaming operation is smooth and fast, and more importantly its sonic performance is hard to beat. The ARIES G2 truly packs features and performance that set a new standard for products in this category" - HTR 2018


Test i Positive Feedback


Test i HTR


Mer info om Aries G2 hos Auralic




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"I couldn’t stop using the G2 when reviewing other kit, but will limit it to the fact that this streamer is the best I have had the pleasure of using and it will be a real wrench when it goes away. It has delivered truly inspiring and transcendent music with everything from Laurie Anderson to Frank Zappa and makes it abundantly clear what’s going on in all the music you play, so long as the rest of the system is capable of letting that through. In other words you need a good system to hear what it can do, which means a DAC of similar price and amplification and speakers of the same calibre. The Auralic Aries G2 is for the moment my benchmark for what a streamer can do, I hope to find something to beat it but will not be holding my breath until that happens." - Jason Kennedy, The EAR 2018


Test i The EAR 2018



ARIES G2 Front.jpg

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