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Ballfinger R2R bandspelare.

octavia rs

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De har ju varit mycket R2R maskiner här på senaste tiden vet inte om detta tyska märke http://www.ballfinger.de/ varit på tapeten tidigare men de tillverkar vad jag kan se 4 styck olika varianter på bandspelare. Även om jag nog aldrig själv kommer köpa en R2R maskin kan jag inte hjälpa att på nått sätt bara vilja ha en :mm:


Tonbandmaschine M 063 H5





Tonbandmaschine M 063 H3





Tonbandmaschine M 063 H1





Tonbandmaschine M 063 HX





Även skivspelare finns i deras sortiment....


Schallplattenspieler PS 2



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48 minutes ago, Apexorca said:

Snygga! :105:


Ja ifråga om utseendet så tycker jag de är riktigt schyssta :mm:


Hurvida ljudkvalitén är den samma de vet man ju dock inte.


Lite mer information om dem.



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After the revival of the record, the tape now finds its way back into the world of music. However, as the highest quality medium for analogue storage and playback, magnetic tape technology does not just come back: It wins after more than thirty years, when it has been almost completely superseded by digital technology and kept alive only by a small group of enthusiasts around the world , the esteem that you have always acknowledged. Thus, this technique takes a whole new, special place among the various sound carrier formats. For connoisseurs and audiophiles, this development was long overdue - it is considered as the analogue sound source par excellence.

Ballfinger is not only the world's first manufacturer of new tape recorders in the digital age, but in addition to new concepts offers a range of solutions for very different purposes: From the compact M 063 H1 without amplifier technology, over the M 063 H3 with recording function, to towards the fully equipped M 063 H5, a wide area is already covered. In addition, the M 063 HX is a completely freely configurable machine in the portfolio. Except for the compact M 063 H1 with its shortened chassis, the modular strategy we have developed allows all machines in this series to be reconfigured at any time and in their entirety. All components can be easily removed, replaced or integrated.

The M 063 H is available in all variants from May 2018, but can be preordered now. An online shop with configurator will be available from February 2018.


The M 063 H drive was developed for professional use. For this purpose, it has very high-torque winding motors in disc rotor technologywith state-of-the-art power electronics. There are two versions of the capstan drive : the technically sophisticated direct drive, also as brushless disc rotor with lowest torque cripple and enormously high torque for shortest startup times, or the less costly solution with belt drive and brushless DC motor, which does not match the excellent synchronous values of the direct drive inferior.

The chassis of the M 063 H is made of high-strength aluminum. In addition, the top surfaces of the base plate are finely milled on both sides, so that all mechanical elements of the belt run are accurately and sustainably in angle and height. Head block and sound heads are manufactured so precisely that a time-consuming and inaccurate settling of the sound heads is eliminated. The assemblies winding motors, capstan motor , power supply and audio unit are arranged so that the signal paths are kept short, interference-criticalHowever, components are spatially separated from each other. Comprehensive measures for electromagnetic shielding of the components, in particular the motors and the sound heads could be avoided from the outset. All modules and printed circuit boards are equipped with high-quality connectors on both sides. Longer cables and signal lines are combined in a closed cable channel with magnetic shielding. In this way, service work can be carried out on all components within the shortest possible time without having to change adjacent cables or components in the position.

The product architecture of the M 063 H is transferred to the external appearance: the clear front design is not only based on purely visual-aesthetic aspects. Rather, it is the strict adherence to a well thought-out design grid, which ensures exemplary usability and which allows problem-free removal, such as the integration of features and their operating elements.

All elements for recording are on the right and left for playback. The drive functions are arranged in the middle. Here the stop button applies to all drive functions and therefore covers the entire area of the keypad. Pressing it once while the machine is stationary lowers the pinch roller for better belt loading. The drive of the pinch roller is done by a newly developed servo unit and, as soon as the position of the pinch roller is reached, immediately switched off.

Likewise, the mechanical brakes work on the reel plates: With their low impact, they only have a locking function at standstill. They hardly wear, are released by modern stepper motors and then switched on immediately. The braking process from the winding operation takes place via the engine power of the running coil including the sensitive Banzugsensoren.

The strip tension sensors on the pulleys adjust the current of the winding motors without delay. This allows both a very uniform band-head contact, as well as a very small slip on the pressure roller. This band tension control based on modern strain gauge technology is one of the reasons for the outstanding synchronous operation of M 063 H.

Further information about the versions as well as further technical details can be found on the respective product pages by clicking on the photos above or the menu in the navigation bar.© 2018 Ballfinger





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20 minutes ago, octavia rs said:

Hurvida ljudkvalitén är den samma de vet man ju dock inte.

Jag har inte hört någon av dem, men det lär inte vara kattskit.

Bebop visade ett reportage om dem från tidningen Stereo #15 Spezial.

Jag tror ändock inte att man är spekulant...:unsure:


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Ballfinger släpper en ny liggande modell M002P.


Coming soon – Ballfinger Tape Deck M 002 P 

  • Super flat and compact design for horizontal operation
  • External DC power suppy
  • Reel size up to 30 cm
  • 3 motors, belt drive capstan motor and direct drive reel motors
  • 2 speeds switchable from 19 cm / s to 38 cm / s
  • Edit function manually one-handed
  • High resolution digital counter
  • ¼“ Stereo with 2,00 mm or 2,75 mm track width
  • Playback tape head direct to balanced XLR output






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De slimmade maskinerna verkar vara lite mer konsument-marknads-anpassade med en läcker och slimmad design och extern PSU vad jag läste.

Påminner lite om Revox projekt som nu verkar vara nedlagt av kostnadsskäl. Med en växande efterfrågan kanske detta numera  inte är ett hinder?

I vart fall verkar det som  R2R-febern växer sig starkare, frågan är bara om kvalitetsbanden gör detsamma?



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30 minutes ago, Apexorca said:


Det borde ju bli en konsekvens av att folk köper rullbandare. Hoppas det. 

Det skulle vara att det släpps flera tidigare inte publicerade titlar då och möjligen någon producent kommer på den lysande idén att börja med analoga nyinspelningar. Men kopieringsprocessen ger knappast bättre och bättre kvalitet ju längre den pågår. Det senare är min farhåga.



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