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  1. Mr. D

    Med raketfart till Bryssel

    Actually the analogue version and the one digitally remastered on a high resolution file are great. But I prefer the version by Ito Ema Which was recorded in analogue and digital. I have all versions : high resolution digital file, vinyl and tapes. And I will spare you the different versions that i have on harpsichord (on LP, CD and tapes).
  2. Mr. D

    Med raketfart till Bryssel

    The 1981 version was actually recorded on both digital and analog. When CBS/Columbia issued the LP/vinyl in 1981, it was based on the digital recording. It is only several years ago that Sony decided to reissue the LP/vinyl based on the analog recording.
  3. Mr. D

    Med raketfart till Bryssel

    Dear Flyer, Because Stabat Mater was Introduced by the Catholic Church after the Council of Trent Which was a response to the Reform lead by Luther. Bach and Handel were Protestants. kind regards
  4. Mr. D

    Audiodesk skivtvätt

    There is the KL Audio ultrasonic cleaning machine. Mine has been working flawlessly since I bought it 4 years ago.
  5. One of the best interpretations of Mozart string quartets. I have Ciaramella and Christian Jacob on tapes (direct copies). It will be fun to compare both versions.
  6. Mr. D

    Mästarmöte har en vinnare!

    No idea. I will ask my brick and mortar dealer who owns one as well.
  7. Mr. D

    Mästarmöte har en vinnare!

    I have not changed the belt of my Brinkmann Balance Over the last 5 years since I acquired it.
  8. I got those from Jonathan about a week ago:
  9. Mr. D

    På ny rulle - nu till Belgien

    I have been playing with two sets of heavily modified repro cards. The top card was modified by Master Tape Sound Lab (MTSL) whilst the bottom card was modified by my local tech: Inserting the MTSL cards: I had to calibrate the MTSL cards with a MRL tape:
  10. Mr. D

    Mästarmöte har en vinnare!

    I Think That You Can work in steps: general electronics, tape transport and associated electronics, heads and audio electronics. Old capacitors like the yellow Frako ones are doomed to failed and will need to be Replaced at some stage. The same goes for resistors, relays, etc. A fully updated transport with all bearings Functioning and perfect tape tension is the foundation of a properly operating tape deck. There is a reason why the master recorders are massive. It is Because the tape transport has been overengineered in Order to Achieve the best possible results. Hence the importance for having the transport fully up to the original specifications. Heads have to be in good shape and must be perfectly aligned. Finally, there is the audio electronics. In That area, there are ways to Improve the original specifications. For example, there are new generation of transistors That are Providing higher current gain with Increased dynamics and reduced noise floor. After the complete overhaul of my A80, my technician assured me That it was still possible to Improve the audio electronics. Also I am working with Todor Dimitrov from the Master Tape Sound Lab on That front. Currently I am in the middle of this process. As I have Several Several sets of audio cards, I am able to make direct comparisons after each change. I hope That the process will be fully completed in about two months. Once fully completed, I will report back with some pictures and Further explanation. Of course, this is not cheap and you way wonder Whether this might be an overkill. Even after all These upgrades, the tape deck is still the Cheapest audio source that i have in my system. Relative to my collection of 150 master tapes (and still growing), I believe it is worth every penny. Happy New Year and Best Wishes.
  11. The Master Tape Sound Lab tapes have arrived. Chamber music is my sweet spot : - String quartets from Haydn, Janacek and Dvorak - Music for two viols The four IPI tapes are on their way but won't land under the Christmas tree as they sill need to go through customs clearing.
  12. Yes. Limited to 496 copies.
  13. These tapes have just arrived from Italy (with some LPs as well). I also ordered 4 tapes from the IPI and 3 tapes from 3 MTSL.
  14. Congratulations for the acquisition and welcome to the club of A80 owners. There were basically 3 main iterations of the A80: - The A80 VU with the record and reproduce electronics housed in the VU meter bridge. - The A80R. This was a cheaper version than the VU which was designed for the broadcast industry. It came without VU meter bridge and the electronic cards were borrowed from the B62 - The A80RC. The same as the R but in a more compact design which allowed to use a removable trolley. The A8ORC came in different iterations ( with our without VU meter bridge, butterfly heads etc.). You can find a sales leaflet on the web: A80-RC Professional Tape Recorders.pdf A80RC MK I were produced before 1980 and MK II after 1980 with serial number starting as from 20.000. OEM parts can still be purchased from Audio House in Switzerland (new heads etc.) but they are very expensive.
  15. Mr. D

    Hemma hos JR.

    Google tanslate is a nightmare. The original post is in English and then it retranslates again into something totally rubish.